What Gift Have You Prepared?

Psalms 76:11 Make vows to the Lord your God and fulfill them; let all the neighboring lands bring gifts to the One to be feared.

what Gift Have You Prepared for Christ?

On Sunday, the congregation was asked, what gift do you have for Christ Jesus?  I then began to think, what gift could I give to the One who gave me life? What could I give to the One who saved my soul and helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the Word of God? This was a hard question at first proposal but after considering it, I realized there were many things that I could give. I could give my time, love, energy, commitment, obedience, praise, my children, grandchildren, and my marriage to Him. So I ask each of you to ponder this same question. What gift and/or vow could you give Christ in this season of giving? It is my prayer that each of you would take the time to consider this question - as there is nothing monetarily we could ever give but what He desires is more of us. Vowing to serve the Lord unto eternity #mothersluv